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Our goal is simple but bold: to create an inspiring event, which will provide you with quality education that will motivate you to implement real, tangible, life changing skills beyond diagnosis and treatment.

This one-day conference is a one-of-a-kind event that focuses on what it means to be a woman and a cancer survivor. This event promises to offer a memorable and incredible experience for all of our participants!

It's time to get focused on you

Today, we encourage you to use this time to recharge. As integral parts of our family, innovators in the workplace, and caregivers to so many, we invite you to relax; mind, body and spirit. Throughout the day, enjoy engaging in workshops that will challenge conventional ways of treatment, encourage self-love and promote wellness. Take the time to stop and reflect – challenge yourself to be present and in the moment.


Our Story

Our History

The Pink Ribbon Place was established in 2009 to bridge the gap of support for those who have been impacted by breast cancer through direct services such as diagnostic services, wigs, hats, bras, scarves, support groups for the English and Spanish speaking populations, and survivor mentorship.

While we have maintained our focus on breast cancer over the years, our center has also continued to evolve by expanding our services to women and their families who have been impacted by cancer - regardless of area of diagnosis.

Today, we continue to offer no cost services in both English and Spanish.

Our Goal

To improve the quality of life for individuals and families impacted by cancer.

What We Offer

Our resource center was designed to be warm and inviting for those who seek services from us. We provide services and products at absolutely no cost including:


Addressing Your Needs During COVID-19

A cancer diagnosis does not stop, even during a pandemic. In response to the growing needs of our community, we transitioned many of our regularly offered, in-person services to virtual platforms to ensure that clients' can receive the support they need from the comfort and safety of their own homes, including our cancer care and wellness presentations, exercise programs, counseling services and support groups. VIEW OUR SCHEDULE HERE.

We also began shipping support products such as head wear, hand sanitizer, soft-fill prosthesis, grocery assistance and masks directly to our clients' homes.

Finally, we are bringing you the fifth annual SoCal Women's Cancer Conference online -- with 4 amazing live sessions in English and Spanish and informative on-demand content!

Thank you to 

our planning committee!

Isela Fernandez, Committee Chair

Abigail Lopez, Committee Chair

Terri Akens, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Nicole Stovicek, The Pink Ribbon Place

Shene Bowie-Hussey, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Sarah Carreras, The Pink Ribbon Place

Elia Camarena, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Kelly Giddings, UPS

Erica Gutierrez, The Pink Ribbon Place

Diana Oropeza-Phillips, The Pink Ribbon Place

Danielle Leach, Zoll Life Vest

Anna Holbrook, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Melissa Melendez, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Marcel Mungaray III, City of Hope

Bianca Reid, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Tiffany Thomas, City of Hope

Regina Casini, Michelle's Place

Carolina Bojorquez, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Kathie Westley, Retired

Dede Teteh, City of Hope

Larysha Green, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Allita Watkins, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Priscilla Valenzuela, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Karie Naranjo, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Francis Beltran, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Sarah Alkejek, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Carla Tonki, Riverside Community Health Foundation

Deborah Lefkowitz, University of California, Irvine

Michelle Melancon, Retired

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